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I am a doula currently working on my DONA certification for labor and postpartum. I decided to become a doula when I started my own journey to motherhood and when I realized that I still very much had an interest and passion for obstetrics, pregnancy, and childbirth. Most important to me was how difficult it is to navigate medicine in the US today and how something very natural could be unnecessarily complicated, difficult or even scary.

For that reason, I had always wanted to be a doctor and even decided to be an obstetrician by high school. I attended college with that as my plan. However, through the hurdles to get there, I changed my focus to software engineering instead.


Since then, my passion to help others continued to grow. I always wondered if I could go back to school for medicine and finish what I started. When I was introduced to doulas and midwives I realized I did not have to have years of schooling in order to start making an impact. As I serve as a doula, I do so with curiosity, compassion, empathy, and hope to make a difference one birth at a time. 


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